Our History

A. Grenville Davis Q.C., an eminent lawyer and crown attorney for Peel County, founded the firm in 1916. William G. (Bill) Davis, Grenville's son, joined the firm in the mid 1950s. In 1959, Bill was elected to the provincial legislature and left the firm to devote his time to public service. The Hon. William G. Davis P.C. C.C. Q.C. served as Premier of Ontario from 1971 until 1985. He has rejoined the firm as Counsel.

Our Partners

Ronald Webb, Q.C. joined Bill and Grenville Davis in the late 1950s. Bill’s son, current partner, Neil G. Davis, later joined the firm and is the third generation of the family at Davis Webb LLP. Ronald Sleightholm, Ellen S. Pefhany, Barbara Skupien, and James S. G. Macdonald all have distinguished service in the Peel and Toronto regions.

Our lawyers serve as leaders in the community and the legal profession.

Through service by the partners on professional bodies, boards of charities and public institutions, and through support for political activities at all levels of government, the firm is known and respected for its counsel and commitment to public service.

We are more than lawyers.We are partners in enterprise.

Meet the Team